Shared Space

juni 2018: Shared Space abroad

Shared Space is getting more and more foothold in other countries. A knowledge product from the Province of Fryslân in The Netherlands, has proven to be a sustainable solution to make public space safe, nice, and a profitable place. It’s inclusive and contributes to high quality places. Last Month we presented Shared Space in a total different domain, Management of Culture and Arts in Amsterdam, to see if they can learn of the concept to get more trust and respect in a system that’s regulated by too much rules. In 2018 we are active in different countries to tell people about Shared Space. Questions to learn from us and to learn from them were very important. We were in Lodz in Poland with a lot of Polish cities, in Brussels at the Polis conference, coming up is Lappeenranta in Finland, Gdansk in Poland and a conference in Seoul South Korea is coming up in October.
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